The Team

XtreemFS is developed by the following developers:


  • Robert Baerhold
  • Michael Berlin
  • Johannes Dillmann
  • Jan Fajerski
  • Felix Hupfeld
  • Christoph Kleineweber
  • Björn Kolbeck
  • Matthias Noack
  • Patrick Schäfer
  • Robert Schmidtke
  • Jan Stender

Former Developers

  • Nele Andersen
  • Tanja Baranova
  • Eugenio Cesario
  • Jens V. Fischer
  • Erich Focht
  • Juan Gonzales de Benito
  • Minor Gordon
  • Matthias Hess
  • Lukas Kairies
  • Felix Langner
  • Christian Lorenz
  • Jonathan Martí
  • Paul Seiferth
  • Martin Wichner


XtreemFS is developed by Zuse Institute Berlin and funded by the European Commission since 2006 under Grant Agreements No. FP6-033576, FP7-ICT-257438, and 318521, as well as the German projects MoSGrid, "First We Take Berlin", FFMK, GeoMultiSens, and BBDC.


You can contact us with all questions via our public mailing list.



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