Hadoop. And everything else.

XtreemFS can replace HDFS in your cluster and turn it into a general-purpose system.

Open Access

As a full-featured POSIX file system, XtreemFS allows pre- and post-processing with any application. You can mount your data on Linux, Windows, OS X.

You can run applications, map-reduce processing and archival in one system.

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Safe Archival

XtreemFS replicates your data to several machines, regularly checking the availability and integrity of your replicas.

You can keep valuable data on XtreemFS even for data archival.

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XtreemFS' replication is fault-tolerant. A broken hard drive or unhealthy storage server does not result in data loss or even degraded service quality.

This matters if you have 10 or 1000s of machines, as your jobs finish without interruptions and you can delay repairs to whenever you have time.

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There are several ways to evaluate XtreemFS yourself. We provide a demo installation, VM images, packages for all Linux distributions.

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