Quickstart: Install & Mount

  1. Add the XtreemFS repository to your system and install the packages xtreemfs-server and xtreemfs-client. Adding the repository is described for RPM-based and Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions.
  2. Start the Directory Service:
    > /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-dir start
  3. Start the Metadata Server:
    > /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-mrc start
  4. Start the OSD:
    > /etc/init.d/xtreemfs-osd start
  5. If not already loaded, load the FUSE kernel module:
    > modprobe fuse
  6. Depending on your distribution, you may have to add users to a special group to allow them to mount FUSE file systems. In openSUSE users must be in the group trusted, in Ubuntu in the group fuse. You may need to log out and log in again for the new group membership to become effective.
  7. You can now close the root console and work as a regular user.
  8. Wait a few seconds for the services to register at the directory service. You can check the registry by opening the DIR status page in your favorite web browser http://localhost:30638.
  9. Create a new volume with the default settings:
    > mkfs.xtreemfs localhost/myVolume
  10. Create a mount point:
    > mkdir ~/xtreemfs
  11. Mount XtreemFS on your computer:
    > mount.xtreemfs localhost/myVolume ~/xtreemfs
  12. Have fun ;-)
  13. To un-mount XtreemFS:
    > umount.xtreemfs ~/xtreemfs